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De Meersen, nestled in the heart of Ieper on Sint-Niklaasstraat, is a fusion of Ieper’s rich history and modern design, offering luxurious residential and commercial spaces with panoramic city views.

  • Location: The De Meersen Project is nestled in the historic heart of Ieper, located on the iconic Sint-Niklaasstraat, a stone’s throw away from the city’s renowned landmarks.

    Floors: Spanning multiple levels, De Meersen is set to be a significant architectural addition to Ieper’s skyline, offering a blend of residential and commercial spaces.

    Design and Architecture: Conceived in partnership with leading architects, De Meersen encapsulates a blend of historic charm and contemporary design. The project is a testament to the fusion of Ieper’s rich heritage with modern architectural brilliance.

    Facilities: The ground level of De Meersen is dedicated to commercial ventures, providing a vibrant shopping experience. Ascending the building, one can find office spaces, eateries, and other amenities, all boasting panoramic views of Ieper. The top tiers of the project are reserved for luxurious apartments and exclusive penthouses.

    Appearance: De Meersen is distinguished by its elegant design, incorporating traditional elements with modern materials, reflecting the city’s historic essence while embracing the future.

    History and Future: De Meersen stands as a symbol of Ieper’s illustrious history, bridging the gap between its storied past and a future filled with potential, merging timeless beauty with avant-garde design.