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Welcome to BaPa d.o.o., your trusted partner in the construction industry since 2011. With a proud history of over a decade and a dedicated team of 200+ employees, we rely on our passion for excellence. Our expertise extends across multiple countries, including Slovenia, Germany, and Belgium.


Years of


Your Vision, Our Construction Expertise

Transforming architectural dreams into concrete reality, we bring your visions to life with unparalleled skill and dedication.


Building Foundations for the Future

Crafting robust structures with precision and expertise, BAPA d.o.o. ensures every project stands tall for generations to come.




What we do

Mastering Structural Execution

We bring unparalleled expertise in executing structural works, ensuring every project is a testament to quality and stability.

Formwork & Reinforcement Specialists

Precision in formwork and reinforcement is our forte, establishing a robust and impeccable foundation for every structure.

Seamless Prefabricated Assembly

Expertly assembling prefabricated elements, we ensure each structure is efficiently built with utmost precision and quality.